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The Murphy's [Aug. 5th, 2004|10:27 am]

This is not exactly about the Fitzgerald's, but the era and the individuals are correct. Went and saw the movie De-Lovely not too long ago. I was pleasantly surprised when Gerald,Sara Murphy & their children ended up being major characters. Sara was even pictured wearing her characteristic string of pearls..
Go see the movie if only for the costumes. .
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the mitfords [Jul. 21st, 2004|08:05 pm]

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because of their mutual connections in terms of literature and company (in nancy's case anyway), i hope you don't mind my advertisement here for _themitfords- a new community for admirers of/those interested in the mitford girls.

feel free to delete this if you feel it's inappropriate.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2004|10:24 pm]
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hello. my name is liz and i am new here. and so, i think i should share something.

zelda's thoughts and paintingsCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2004|11:22 pm]

Hi, I just joined. Nice to find more Fitzgerald nuts. :)

I live in St. Paul, MN in the neighborhood where Scott grew up and lived for many years. Most of the houses and apartments he and his family lived in are still standing. One or two have plaques saying so, but the rest you need to know where to look. Even the bars he drank in are still open. The neighborhood hasn't changed much since and it's a very cool thing to walk the same sidewalks as my favorite author. Many of the families the Fitzgeralds were friends with still live here - one is even name-dropped in The Great Gatsby.

I work for the state historical society. Here's a picture from our collections of Scott and a pregnant Zelda at the farm retreat of one of their friends.

pictureCollapse )

Something I've noticed is how Zelda is always described as such a great beauty, but in photographs she looks very plain. Obviously she must have been very charismatic to make such an impression.
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2004|09:10 pm]

I've only yet finished Book 1 of Tender is the Night, & although I loved it beyond expressing (essentially, the language is too beautiful to ignore), I believe that I've come to despise the majority of the characters in the book. Dick & Nicole seem, to me, heartless & selfish & superficial. Rosemary is, honestly, an annoying little ninny. Only Abe, despite his drunkenness, brings some color & interest to the story.

What did you think?
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2004|09:24 pm]

How long did it take you to finish Tender is the Night?

I don't know whether to be amazed or disappointed with myself.
On one hand, I absolutely LOVE the book. No question about it. I'm not bored, not at all.
But, the book is quite slim, compared to most I usually read. About 270 pages, I've read over 500 in one single day.
However, this one book is taking me over 2 weeks to read. And, I'm only half-way through too.

How to explain this?
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i found something cool [May. 22nd, 2004|09:38 pm]
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it's mostly about hemingway but it has some of the fitzgerald books that are harder to find. On Authorship looks kinda neat...as does Against the Current. have any of you read them?
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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2004|09:31 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Hi. I'm new to the community. I found this place, and completely flipped to realize that there were others out there who are as obsessive (is that the correct word to use?) as I am. Well, I'm glad to be here.
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2004|09:16 pm]

And alas, the paper on Fitzgerald and Tender is the Night that I have been stressing over for a good 3 months (okay maybe 2) is done. I must say I am happy but upset. I would have liked to have been able to do more, but my teacher kept telling me to save it all for college. WELL POO. It is good, the teacher liked it, 107 (7 extra for earliness) and even though the conclusion sucks...ohwell

But enough with my ramblings... the paperCollapse )

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a greeting, & link to article about FSF's hollywood archives [Apr. 22nd, 2004|07:20 am]

Hi. I noticed this community after clicking on F. Scott Fitzgerald as a Live Journal interest, and here you are.

This morning, I saw Fitzgerald as Screenwriter: No Hollywood Ending in today's online edition of the New York Times. (You'll need to register--it's free for the next few days--to access the article.) It's regarding two thousand pages of screenplays, screen treatments, etc., by Fitzgerald that were written during his time in Hollywood in the late 1930's. Matthew Bruccoli, one of the great Fitzgerald scholars and biographers, is adminstering their inclusion in a special collection at University of South Carolina, where Bruccoli teaches. FYI, if you're not familiar with it, you should check out Bruccoli's F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: A Literary Reference, an excellent companion volume to reading, studying and teaching Gatsby.
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